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September 30, 2014.  The plan is to revitalize this site, so that a person can play ContraPloy in the browser, against a JavaScript computer opponent.

Stay tuned.

The Spatula of Power

Somewhere between Middle-earth and Omaha, Nebraska, where the warm breezes of the Serengeti cool in the shadow of the Great Wall, the Spatula of Power was forged.  It was said that one who wields it would hold dominion over the foodstuffs, and therefore many desired to possess it.

Among those who contended for it, were the Elves of myth, robed in green and dwelling in the forest.  Also were the Lions, proud and yellow of hide.  There were the Ninjas, clad in black, like shadows unseen.  There were the Tax Accountants, toiling by fluorescent light, lords of the white paper, both forms and schedules.  And finally, there were reports of the special teams unit of a football team from Chicago in blue, but such reports were neither confirmed nor denied.

Each were fierce in their domain, yet vulnerable when they strayed.

This game commemorates that great struggle.  With the passage of time and the revision of history, the outcome has been disputed and made uncertain, and even the artifact itself was lost.  But ContraPloy lives on.

Copyright 2014 Jim Swift